JunkyFood Labs

A concept of a bricky villain in a bricky world.

A poster of Fastfool from JunkyFood Labs during their research
Fastfool is doing their best to keep a pose for the hours it took to render this image!

JunkyFood Labs

Delightful! Decadent! Devillishly delish!

My second design project at university! And unfortunately also the last creative work for a while.

The Assignment

Create 3D parts and assemblies of a toy play set compatible with a LEGO Figurine.

The theme is “You are what you eat”.


A concept drawing of JunkyFood Labs


Harbouring a deep hatred for humanity, this seemingly normal man will do anything to achieve world domination.

But they wouldn’t just simply go out and commit crimes — no, this person has hatched a much more covert and sinister operation. One that hides in the core of our modern world.

Break the ice on healthy eating with children with the help of an intuitive villain model!

What’s included

Featuring the new original villain Fastfool, this playset contains parts related to their character as a fast food tycoon including:

  • A large specimen container
  • An alembic
  • A conical flask
  • And “food”, of course!

Technical Drawings

Made with Autodesk Inventor!

A technical drawing of JunkyFood Labs' parts: sheet 1

A technical drawing of JunkyFood Labs' parts: sheet 2

A technical drawing of JunkyFood Labs' parts: sheet 3